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Region I

Bowie State University

Advisor: Dr. Anne Osano

Email: bsu.manrrs@manrrs.org

Cornell University

Advisor: Jean-Luc Jannink

Advisor: Shorna Allred

Email: cornell@manrrs.org

Delaware State University

Advisor: Dr. Kwame Matthews

Email: delstate@manrrs.org

Delaware Valley University


Email: delval@manrrs.org

Houghton College

Advisor: Karl Sisson

Email: houghtoncollege@manrrs.org

Rutgers University

Advisor: Dr. Jacqueline Moore

Email: rutgers@manrrs.org

The Pennsylvania State University

Advisor: Derek James

Email: pennstate.manrrs@manrrs.org

University of Delaware

Advisor: Tanya Gressley

Email: udel@manrrs.org

University of the District of Columbia

Advisor: Dr. B. Michelle Harris

Email: udcmanrrs@manrrs.org

University of Maryland College Park

Advisor: Dr. Evelyn Cooper

Email: umcp@manrrs.org

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Advisor: Stephon Fitzpatrick

Email: umesmanrrs@manrrs.org

West Virginia State University

Advisor: Ms. Lisa Williamson

Email: wvsumanrrs2008@manrrs.org

West Virginia University


Email: wvumanrrs@manrrs.org

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Advisor: Dr. Chevon Thorpe

Email: virginiatech@manrrs.org

Virginia State University

Advisor: Dr. Marcus Comer

Email: vsumanrrs@manrrs.org

Region II

Clemson University

Advisor: Dr. Bridgit Corbett

Email: clemsonuniv@manrrs.org

Florida A&M University

Advisor: Tommeron Timmons

Email: famu@manrrs.org

Advisor: Dr. Verian Thomas

Email: famu@manrrs.org

Florida International University

Advisor: Dr. Krish Jayachandran

Email: floridainternational@manrrs.org

Fort Valley State University

Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim

Email: fvsumanrrs@manrrs.org

North Carolina A&T State University

Advisor: Dr. Antoine Alston

Email: ncat@manrrs.org

North Carolina State University

Advisor: Dr. Latisha M. Judd

Email: ncsu@manrrs.org

South Carolina State University

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Mathis

Email: scsu@manrrs.org

University of Florida

Advisor: Dr. Angeleah Browdy

Email: uflmanrrs@manrrs.org

University of Georgia

Advisor: Lakecia Pettway

Email: uga1997@manrrs.org

Region III

Alabama A&M University

Advisor: Dr. Armitra Davis

Email: alabamaam@manrrs.org

Alcorn State University

Advisor: Dr. Kamilah Grant

Email: alcorn@manrrs.org

Auburn University

Advisor: Michelle Cole

Email: aumanrrs@manrrs.org

Kentucky State University

Advisor: Courtney Owens

Email: kysumanrrschapter@manrrs.org

Mississippi State University

Advisor: Dr. Scott Willard

Email: msstate@manrrs.org

Tennessee State Unviersity

Advisor: Dr. De’Etra Young

Email: tsumanrrs@manrrs.org

Tuskegee University

Advisor: Dr. Olga Bolden-Tiller

Email: tuskegeemanrrs@manrrs.org

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Advisor: Dr. Jacquelyn Dee Mosley

Email: ua_hawgs_manrrs@manrrs.org

Advisor: Ms. Patrice Sims

Email: ua_hawgs_manrrs@manrrs.org

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

Advisor: Dr. Tracy Dunbar

Email: uapb@manrrs.org

University of Kentucky

Advisor: Dr. Antomia Farrell

Email: uky@manrrs.org

Advisor: Kendriana Price

Email: uky@manrrs.org

University of Tennessee-Martin

Advisor: Dr. Annie C. Jones

Email: utmartin@manrrs.org

Advisor: Dr. Bethany Wolters

Email: utmartin@manrrs.org

Advisor: Dr. Todd Winters

Email utmartin@manrrs.org

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Advisor: Craig Pickett

Email: utknoxville@manrrs.org

Advisor: Dr. Sharon Jean-Philippe

Email: utknoxville@manrrs.org

Region IV

Kansas State University

Advisor: Dr. Zelia Wiley

Email: kansasstatemanrrs@manrrs.org

Langston University

Advisor: Clark Williams

Email: langstonmanrrs@manrrs.org

Lincoln University of Missouri

Advisor: Julius Moody

Email: lincolnu@manrrs.org

Louisiana State University

Advisor: Dr. Gina Eubanks

Email: manrrslsu@manrrs.org

Oklahoma State University

Advisor: Dr. Jose Uscanga

Email: okstate.manrrs@manrrs.org

Prairie View A&M University

Advisor: Dr. Wash Jones

Email: pvamu@manrrs.org

Southern University and A&M College

Advisor: Dr. Janana Snowden

Email: southernuniv@manrrs.org

Tarleton State University


Email: tarletonstate@manrrs.org

Texas A&M University-College Station

Advisor: Dr. Craig Coates

Email: texasam@manrrs.org

Texas State University


Email: texasstateuniv@manrrs.org

Texas Tech University

Advisor: Sandra Addo

Email: texastech@manrrs.org

University of Missouri-Columbia

Advisor: Dr. Charles Nilon

Email: mizzoumanrrs@manrrs.org

Region V

Central State University

Advisor: Isabella Brumley

Email: centralstate@manrrs.org

Iowa State University

Advisor: Dr. Theressa Cooper

Email: isumanrrs@manrrs.org

Michigan State University

Advisor: Phillip Seaborn

Email: michstatemanrrs@manrrs.org

Advisor: Stephanie Chau

Email: michstatemanrrs@manrrs.org

The Ohio State University

Advisor: Dr. Pamela Thomas

Email: theosu@manrrs.org

Illinois State University

Advisor: Maria Boerngen

Email: illinoisstatemanrrs@manrrs.org

Purdue University

Advisor: Dr. Pamala Morris

Email: purdue1990@manrrs.org

Advisor: Zachary Brown

Email: purdue1990@manrrs.org

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Advisor: Dr. Jesse Thompson, Jr.

Email: uiuc@manrrs.org

Advisor: Dr. Diana Rodriguez

Email: uiuc@manrrs.org

University of Michigan

Advisor: Emily Canosa

Email: umichigan@manrrs.org

University of Minnesota

Advisor: Tex Ostvig

Email: umn@manrrs.org

Advisor: Mai Lee

Email: umn@manrrs.org

University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Advisor: Roberto Cortinas, DVM, PhD

Email: unl@manrrs.org

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Advisor: Dr. Tom Browne

Email: uwm@manrrs.org

Region VI

California State University, Chico

Advisor: Kishore Joseph

Email: calstate@manrrs.org

California State University, Fresno

Advisor: Dr. Fabio Lared

Email: fresnostate@manrrs.org

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Advisors: Dr. Robert A. Flores, Dr. Ann DeLay

Email: calpolyslo@manrrs.org

California State University, Pomona

Advisor: Anna Soper

Email: calpolypom@manrrs.org

Colorado State University

Advisor: LeAnna Biddle

Email: csumanrrs@manrrs.org

Oregon State University

Advisor: Wanda K. Crannell

Email: beavermanrrs@manrrs.org

University of Arizona

Advisor: Breanna Watkins

Email: uarizona@manrrs.org

University of California-Davis

Advisor: Dr. Annie J. King

Email: ucdavis@manrrs.org

Washington State University

Advisor: Dr. Colette M. Casavant

Email: washingtonstate@manrrs.org

University of Idaho

Advisor: Dr. Chloe Wardropper

Email: uidaho@manrrs.org

Utah State University

Advisors: Michelle Burrows, PhD; Tyson Sorensen; Rose Judd-Murray

Email: utahstate@manrrs.org

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