Here you can find a collection of past webinars MANRRS has had the privilege of hosting. To learn more about the next upcoming webinar, visit our Webinar Sign-Up.

Tips for Full-time jobs and Internships During a Time of Uncertainty

In this webinar, participants will receive tips on how to effectively search for an internship and a full-time job during a time of uncertainty and receive an update on internships and full-time job positions from three National Partners during COVID-19.

Economics Panel Webinar
MANRRS Applied Economics Panel Webinar 2020

This webinar will provide needed content and expertise from a panel of agricultural economists of color in addressing the current and future outlook of the food chain and the impact of Covid-19 currently and going forward. This webinar panel is of importance for those interested in entering the field, supporting the field, and addressing the challenges ahead.

Examining How Racism and Biases Have Shaped the American Agriculture Industry: A Millennial’s Perspective

Agriculture in the United States is entangled with both racism and capitalism that has had an overwhelming impact on who owns, accesses, and benefits from farm production. Hear from current students pursuing careers in agriculture share their stores and discuss what systemic changes they hope to see in the future.

Racial Equity
Envisioning Racial Equity in the Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Industry

The American agriculture food system is a complicated set of relationships, inputs, and structures which get our food from farm to fork. Often, when we think about racial inequity, we focus on individual attitudes or behaviors.  Additionally, we examine how particular institutions treat people of different races differently. However, to truly understand the root causes of racial inequity and produce results that work for everyone, we need to observe the food system through the lens of policies, land, and people.



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