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Advisory Board
The Advisory Board should include an administrator from an 1862 land grant institution, an administrator from an 1890 land grant institution and nine (9) members from business, industry, academe and/or government. (b) Advisory Board members shall be selected by the Executive Committee. Advisory Board members shall have a three-year tenure with one third of the members’ terms expiring each year.
Membership requirements for the Advisory Board shall be as follows:
  • Served at least one year in the Society prior to nomination to the Advisory Board
  • Be a member in good standing
  • Attended at least one-half of the summer pre-planning conferences/meetings or served on a regional/national committee
  • A second consecutive term may be served with the recommendation of the Advisory Board Chairperson and approval of the Executive Committee


Communications And Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee shall:

  1. Develop and implement initiatives and processes to keep audiences identified by the Executive Committee informed about the Society’s programs, objectives and accomplishments
  2. Coordinate all of the Society’s national honors and recognitions programs including receipt of nominations, verification of nominees’ qualifications and delivery of recommendations on disposition to the Executive Committee for final action


The Alumni Committee shall:
  1. Plan and implement programming and workshops at the local, regional, and
    national level that provides members with tools and information to succeed and advance in the early stages of their career
  2. Introduce MANRRS Alumni members to various public and private organizations that are innovators in the agricultural, natural resources and related science field
  3. Explore and determine innovative means to help retain and increase alumni
    members’ involvement in The Society
The Alumni Committee's goals are to Recruit, Retain, and Reactivate our membership.

The Junior MANRRS Committee shall:

  1. Implement programming and workshops at a local, regional and national levels that will provide students with tools and information to succeed academically and positively their community
  2. Introduce Junior MANRRS members to various public and private organizations that are innovators in the agricultural, natural resources and related science fields
  3. Determine innovative means to increase the memberships as well as number of chapters currently recognized as Junior MANRRS chapters



The Finance Committee shall:

  1. Identify and develop national funding sources in cooperation with the Advisory Board
  2. Establish the Society's financial policies and procedures
  3. Serve as a body of consultants for the Society's student chapters and regions on raising at the local level
  4. Monitor local and national fundraising initiatives to keep the Executive Committee informed of internal competition for the same source of funds



The Membership Committee shall:

  1. Direct initiatives to recruit new student chapters, student members, and Professional Members and to retain existing chapters and members
  2. Assist the Publications Committee in regularly publishing national student
    and professional membership


Conference Program

The Conference Program Committee shall plan and facilitate the Society’s annual training conference and career expo. This committee is limited to the National Office, Executive Committee, and Conference host.


Communications and Publications
The Publications Committee shall:
  1. Assume responsibility for all national publications not specifically assigned to other committees by the Executive Committee or the Society’s constitution
  2. Edit and publish the MANRRS newsletters in conjunction with the Communications Committee

The Communication Committee shall:
  1. Facilitate the completion of communications by the Executive Committee following the annual conference and any formal interim meetings
  2. Edit and facilitate publication of the proceedings of the annual conference
  3. Distribute Society and Executive Committee minutes of official business meetings as directed by the Executive Committee and/or National Professional President


2023-2024 MANRRS


Derrick Rhodes

Jr. MANRRS Committee Co-Chair 

Dawn Hicks

Jr. MANRRS Committee Co-Chair 

Koni Patterson

Programs Committee Co-Chair

Shedra Rakestraw

Programs Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Candiss Williams

Membership Committee Co-Chair


Dr. Stephanie Preston

Membership Committee Co-Chair

Venus Welsh

Membership Committee Co-Chair

Carl Butler

Ad-hoc Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair


Alex Moore

Ad-hoc Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair


Dr. Clarissa Harris

Ad-hoc Constitution Committee Chair


Sharon Mills

Public Relations Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Terri Blackmon

Public Relations Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Tiffany Carter

Communications Committee Co-Chair

Ayodele Dare

Communications Committee Co-Chair


Dr. Robert Chambers

Alumni Committee Co-Chair


Dr. Christian Henry

Alumni Committee Co-Chair

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