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This initiative will provide undergraduate and graduate student leaders the opportunity to actively promote MANRRS to stakeholders on university campuses and beyond. This program allows students to have novel interactions throughout the year, furthering their personal and professional development.

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L.E.A.D - Mentoring Program

The program is designed to develop emerging leaders for future and current leadership and management roles within Agribusiness and increase the retention of those committed to working in these roles. The program also addresses career preparation by optimizing cross-sector collaborations that focus on identifying and nurturing high potential leaders of diverse backgrounds and developing them into high achievers and responsible leaders. 

Applications for the 2022-2023 term have closed. Applications will reopen Fall 2023.

MANRRS/NASDA Ag Policy Summit

MANRRS seeks to expose minority students to the field of policy and governmental affairs as it pertains to the food and agriculture industries. The MANRRS NASDA Foundation Policy Summit will introduce students to major policies that lead and impact the food and agriculture industry, trade associations and how they help shape policy, advocacy for agricultural-related issues, and how federal agencies such as USDA execute and implement policy. 

Applications for the 2022-2023 term have closed. Applications will reopen Fall 2023.

Animal Health and Care Academy

The Animal Health and Animal Care Academy is a professional development, career development, and educational immersive experience designed to expose students to traditional and non-traditional (non-veterinary) careers and professional mentors.

Applications for the 2022-2023 term have closed. Applications will reopen Fall 2023

BASF Emerging Leaders Program

This program promotes career and leadership opportunities as well as cultivates interest in high school and collegiate students with an emphasis on underrepresented minorities. The BASF Emerging Leaders Program provides hands-on leadership training over the course of 3 months in areas of STEM, biotechnology, and agricultural sciences. The program addresses career preparation by optimizing cross-sector collaborations and national partnerships that focus on identifying and nurturing high potential volunteers of diverse backgrounds. It also develops students into high achievers and responsible leaders.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)


The BLM offers internships that provide young people and veterans with jobs and job training opportunities in local communities. These internships help to support American families and build strong economies while keeping public lands healthy and productive. Working individually or as part of a team or crew, BLM interns participate in the shared stewardship of public lands - building trails and enhancing recreational facilities, restoring habitat damaged by wildland fire, and supporting BLM's multiple-use mission.  


MANRRS is proud to partner with the Bureau of Land Management and offer undergraduate students amazing internship opportunities.



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Resource Assistants Program

Resource Assistants help the Forest Service accomplish mission-critical work as they work to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. The Resource Assistants Program is designed for emerging professionals to launch their natural and cultural resources careers.  RA's will receive PAID hands-on learning experience, mentorship, coaching to complete mission-critical work while developing leadership, critical thinking, and strategic communication skills.


Professional Development Series

Join leading experts in natural resources, conservation, agriculture, and related STEM sciences as they share insights to help you develop your professional career! From financial literacy to how to brand yourself, you don't want to miss these workshops. Participants who attend all sessions will receive a certificate. 


Student Competitions

Student MANRRS Competitions take place at our Fall Regional Clusters and Annual National Conference. These competitions showcase members’ written and oral communication skills in completing essays, speeches, and the design of innovative poster projects.

Applications for the 2022-2023 term have closed. Applications will reopen Fall 2023.

Junior MANRRS AgDiscovery Research Programs

The AgriTREK/SciTREK Summer Institute and AgDiscovery Summer Program are two-week residential programs held at various 1862 and 1890 institutions that create an awareness of the educational opportunities that are available in Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics (STEAM) and related areas through hands-on research, leadership development, and personal enrichment activities.

Though similar in their mission and goals, these two programs represent two distinct opportunities for individuals interested in learning more about agriculture and related careers. 

Junior MANRRS Leadership Institutes

The Junior MANRRS Leadership Institute is a program designed to engage underrepresented middle and high school students and promote diversity within careers in agriculture, natural resources and other related STEM disciplines at an earlier age and introduce them to corporate and federal partners. In MANRRS, these programs are coordinated with MANRRS Affiliate Partners and Collegiate Chapters – Colleges of Agricultural and Natural Sciences. The objectives for Junior MANRRS are to:

  • Increase high school graduation rates for minority students in the Junior MANRRS umbrella
  • Increase college enrollment rates for MD students through direct exposure to the land-grant system and mentorship opportunities via collegiate MANRRS members
  • Dispel the "myths of agriculture"
  • Improve diversity in underrepresented areas of agriculture and related sciences.
  • Expose underrepresented high school students to important "soft skills" (i.e. leadership, public speaking, professionalism etc.)
  • Expose underrepresented high school students to applied research and give them an opportunity to present at regional and national conferences.
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