The Land Institute Seeks Soil Ecology Postbaccalaureate Researcher

Posted on April 7, 2022
The Land Institute Seeks Soil Ecology Postbaccalaureate Researcher
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Soil Ecology Postbaccalaureate Researcher

Position Summary  
The Land Institute is looking for a creative, collaborative Soil Ecology Postbaccalaureate Researcher to start in late May or early June 2022. The postbaccalaureate researcher (“post-bac”) will conduct research in soil structure and biogeochemistry, and will work with technicians and interns to maintain a Kernza®-alfalfa intercrop experiment. In the lab, they will help measure soil attributes that are predicted to change when annual croplands are converted to perennial grains. The ideal candidate will bring an interest in soils, agricultural sustainability, and relevant background in physical or biological sciences.
This 12-month post-bac position is made possible through The Land Institute’s participation in the New Roots for Restoration Biology Integration Institute, a National Science Foundation-funded initiative whose goal is to advance restoration of natural and agricultural ecosystems through enhanced understanding of how plant roots influence communities and the soil ecosphere.
The post-bac will be based in Salina, Kansas and will be mentored and supervised by the Lead Researcher in Soil Ecology. The post-bac will actively participate in The Land Institute and the New Roots for Restoration Biology Integration Institute, and will join a near-peer mentoring system in which they work closely with high school students, research technicians, REU interns, and researchers across sites to achieve research, training, and diversifying goals.
Postbaccalaureate researchers at The Land Institute are temporary educational trainees who receive mentorship, hands-on research experience, and an opportunity to develop collaborative skills. The goal is to assist recent college graduates in exploration of future career, education, or training possibilities.
Contact: Krista Robinson;
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