Michigan State University Seeks Conservation Agronomist Educator

Posted on November 1, 2022
Michigan State University Seeks Conservation Agronomist Educator
Position Title: 
Conservation Agronomist Educator



Position Summary:

As part of MSU Extension (MSUE) and the Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute (AABI), this position provides leadership and expertise in the adoption of cropping systems practices that enhance farm resilience and reduce environmental impacts by improving soil health and enhancing ecosystem services in a manner that is cost effective. This position will collaborate across work teams, Institutes, and industry groups, working with faculty, specialists, and educators for overall advancement of clientele needs.

In this position, you will identify, design, implement and evaluate programs that meet outreach needs related to the adoption of agriculture cropping systems, including diversified crop rotations, cover crops, changes in tillage practices, technological innovation, advanced fertility management, and the inclusion of agricultural conservation practices into farming systems. Through your leadership, you will act as a subject matter expert and work collaboratively with your work team, MSU service units, allied industry, and farmers. This will include educational events, work on agricultural decision support tools, coordination of educational publications, bulletins, and videos in collaboration with field staff and industry partners. You will be expected to use a broad array of communication strategies such as in-person and virtual meetings, on-farm field days, social media, digital release of educational materials and on-farm consultations.

Through collaboration in research, engagement with the community, and dissemination of research through various methods, including in-person and multimedia programming and written communications, you will implement programs that lead to public knowledge and behaviors that lead to improved sustainability of field crop systems. You will also develop, produce, and deliver outreach materials with content that is accessible and inclusive and is consistent
with AABI messaging.

Your work will include close collaboration with colleagues at MSU, as well as the diverse network of partner groups that include Midwest Cover Crops Council (MCCC), state governmental agencies and agriculture and conservation societies and associations.

Although negotiable, there will be space available for this position to work from the Jackson County MSU Extension office.


Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in crop science, horticulture, soil science, entomology, plant pathology, animal science, or related field, with an expectation to complete a Master’s degree within a specified time; or Master’s degree in crop science, horticulture, soil science, entomology, plant pathology, or related field



View full description and apply through the MSU careers page. Search for posting 823791 using the Job Search field.

Application deadline is November 28, 2022.