Oregon State: Assistant/Associate/Full Professor

Posted on September 18, 2023
Oregon State: Assistant/Associate/Full Professor
Position description:
The Department of Horticulture invites applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE), 9-month, Tenure Track Assistant/Associate/Full Professor position.

This person will hold the Grover Family Endowed Professor in Sustainable Urban Landscapes, a 9-month appointment, at 1.00 FTE with the expectation the successful candidate will support two (2) months of Summer Academic Pay from the endowment, sponsored grants, gifts, and/or contracts.

This is a tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant Professor or a tenured position at the ranks of Associate or Full Professor depending on qualifications of the successful applicant. Due to the accompanying endowment, candidates meeting requirements to be hired at Associate or Full Professor ranks are preferred, but all highly qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

This faculty member will develop and implement an internationally recognized undergraduate teaching and applied research program in sustainable urban landscape design, installation, and maintenance. They will work in collaboration with faculty, government agencies, and industry representatives to research and identify environmentally and economically sustainable landscapes, plants, and maintenance practices for use in the urban environment. The research program will inform the undergraduate program and vice versa. The incumbent will teach or contribute to 4 to 5 courses within the undergraduate option ‘Ecological Management of Turf, Landscape, and Urban Horticulture’. They will collaborate with colleagues at Oregon State University and other professional colleagues, industry leaders, and practitioners in Oregon, the western region, and the United States.
50% Teaching and Advising
Develop an undergraduate curriculum based on active learning and innovative teaching strategies that promotes student engagement with the landscape profession, associated industries, and other organizations in ways that expand OSU’s reach in Oregon and beyond.

Teach 4-5 undergraduate courses annually, where content supports the larger Horticulture curriculum and promotes sustainable urban landscapes. Teaching program content may focus on design, installation and maintenance of sustainable urban landscapes, and other core courses within horticulture science. Courses should be developed for campus and Ecampus instruction to support both modalities where applicable.

Mentor and advise undergraduate and graduate students related to the landscape profession. Promote networking opportunities with industry professionals and help students make connections to advance their careers. This includes:

Serving as major professor for MS and/or PhD graduate students.

Advising the OSU Undergraduate National Association of Landscape Professional Club (NALP). Prepare undergraduate students for and chaperone undergraduate students at the NALP National Collegiate Landscape Competition. This preparation and training of students may be incorporated into for-credit course offering(s).

Advise the student Horticulture Club

25% Applied Research and Outreach
Develop an exemplary applied research program supported by extramural funding. Work in collaboration with faculty, government agencies, and industry representatives to identify research priorities related to economic and environmentally sustainable landscape development and management practices, in the broadest sense. Some topics may include, but are not limited to, design and maintenance of stormwater remediation facilities; plant selection to reduce management inputs and promote ecosystem services; design, installation, and maintenance of pollinator plants and gardens; identifying low input turfgrass and turfgrass alternatives; alternatives to traditional fossil fuel power equipment (e.g., propane, battery, solar power, bio-diesel); and landscape water conservation design, technology, and management practices.

Research will complement current research by other colleagues in the Department of Horticulture, the USDA-ARS Horticultural Crops Research Laboratory, and USDA-ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository at Corvallis.

Work closely with industry representatives and faculty associated with our ‘Ecological Management of Turf, Landscape, and Urban Horticulture’ theme to take a holistic and systems approach to sustainable landscapes.

Supervise employees that are part of the Sustainable Urban Landscapes lab group, including planning and assigning work, approving work, responding to grievances, hiring/firing or effectively recommending such actions, disciplining, and signing and administering performance appraisals.

Extend research information to appropriate external audiences, particularly industry stakeholders.

Driving will be required to travel to research sites off campus.

20% Scholarship
Communicate and validate scholarship applicable to sustainable urban landscapes through peer-refereed and reviewed publications, books, electronic media, and presentations at scientific meetings and conferences.

Integrate, apply, and/or discover new knowledge or technologies concerning sustainable urban landscape management, and document adoption of novel technologies, designs, and practices.

5% Service
Participate actively in the department’s undergraduate curriculum committee.

Participate in departmental faculty meetings, committees, working groups, and other appropriate activities.

Serve on college, university, and public committees and advisory boards as requested and appropriate.

Independent travel is essential in performing some of the duties above.

Active and effective communication with staff and key stakeholders is critical to the success of this position and access to wireless services is necessary.

Participate in relevant local and national industry associations and committees.
minimum qualifications:
Ph.D. degree in Horticulture or closely related field at the time of appointment.

Expertise in sustainable urban landscape design, installation, and/or maintenance.

Commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Successful record of working with industry in terms of partnerships, collaborations, sponsored programs, or in other ways.

Proven oral and written communication skills.

For Assistant Professor rank:
    • Evidence of a high potential for teaching excellence. Evidence could include completion of a college teaching certificate program.
    • Evidence of a high potential for obtaining sustained extramural funding and publication in various aspects of landscape design, installation, and/or maintenance.


For Associate or Full Professor rank:
  • Demonstrable commitment to and success in teaching excellence.
  • Strong record for sustained extramural funding and publication in aspects of landscape design, installation, and/or maintenance.

For candidates seeking to be hired at a rank other than Assistant Professor, they should meet the OSU teaching, advising, research and service criteria for appointment at the desired rank (see the OSU Faculty Handbook for details). OSU will consider previous years of experience at other, similar institutions towards timelines for rank or tenure promotions.

preffered Qualifications:
Record of/commitment to working with underrepresented/underserved students or other audiences.

Demonstrable commitment to mentoring undergraduate and graduate students.

Life experience, education, or training that broadens capacity to equalize student success or impact to historically underserved audiences.

Experience advising an undergraduate student club in a field related to Horticulture or Agriculture.

At the Assistant Professor rank:
    • Provide indicators of the high potential for inspiration and leadership in research, outreach, engagement, and teaching.
    • Indicate the high potential to assemble and lead multidisciplinary teams.


At the Associate or Full Professor rank:
  • Demonstrated ability to provide inspiration and leadership in research, outreach, engagement, and teaching.
  • Demonstrated ability to assemble and lead multidisciplinary teams.

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