The USDA Seeks Research Animal Geneticist

Posted on April 1, 2022
The USDA Seeks Research Animal Geneticist
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Research Animal Geneticist
Position Summary
Incumbent serves as a Research Animal Geneticist at the National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center (NCWMAC), Franklin, ME. The mission of the Unit is to support domestic cold water marine aquaculture production and technology transfer with a focus on North American Atlantic salmon strains and Eastern Oysters.
The incumbent works independently and collaboratively with scientists assigned to the project plan “Genetic Improvement of North American Atlantic Salmon and the Eastern Oyster for Aquaculture Production” (8030-31000-005-00D). Research includes independent and collaborative studies aimed at improving Atlantic salmon production traits important to industry such as growth, disease resistance, and fillet color and fat content using quantitative genetic analyses. Incumbent has oversight of the activities involved with the selective breeding program and distributing improved germplasm to industry. Incumbent will also develop new strategies for genetic improvement including novel selection criteria for traits and genomic selection. These strategies include identifying and understanding the role(s) that skin and gut microbiome have on growth and health of Atlantic salmon. Incumbent will also characterize genotype x environment interactions of fish selected for performance in varying growing conditions. The research contributes information used in commercial and in-house selection programs and requires interaction with industry stakeholders to facilitate the development of genetically superior lines of fish. This research is a component of ARS National Program 106 – Aquaculture.
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