USDA Forest Service Seeks Geneticist

Posted on April 19, 2022
USDA Forest Service Seeks Geneticist
Position Title                                                                                                                                                US Forest Service Color
Research Molecular Geneticist                                                                                                                                                                         
Position Summary  
The scientist will conduct research that addresses the genetic basis of desirable phenotypes in natural or constructed populations. The scientist will participate as a team member in the refinement of study hypotheses, identification and collection of samples from test populations, phenotyping, and determination of proper analytical approaches. Bioinformatic analysis of large-scale genomic and quantitative genetic data will be utilized.
  • The scientist uses genetics technologies and software tools or develops new technologies & tools, to solve longstanding problems related to adaptation and deployment of genetic resources, including species conservation and restoration.
  • The scientist will provide genetic solutions to programs designed to recover healthy populations of species affected by novel, unanticipated diseases, and pests.
  • The researcher will improve our understanding of how genomes regulate adaptation of individuals and populations in a range of habitats from natural to highly constructed communities and breeding populations.
The scientist will collaborate with forest resource managers and specialists in research characterizing genetic diversity and its relationship to landscapes, evolutionary history, and natural drivers of phenotypic variation (such as soils, rainfall, pests and disease, community ecology, disturbance regime, and climate), as well as anthropogenic drivers such as exotic invasives, urbanization, harvest disturbances, and habitat fragmentation.
Contact: Please reply to this outreach by email ( no later than June 1, 2022. Additional information about this position is available from Keith Woeste, 574-370-3020
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