University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks Director

Posted on March 24, 2023
University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks Director
Position Title:
Director of the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey and Wisconsin State Geologist
Position Summary
This position provides overall leadership, administrative direction, vision, and oversight for all activities carried out by WGNHS staff and reports to the Director of the Natural Resources Institute, within the Division of Extension. This position offers direct service, research, outreach and education to constituents and partners, bringing the resources of the University to all regions and people of the state - i.e., applying the Wisconsin Idea. The WGNHS Director also provides leadership, planning, and oversight of finances and funding for WGNHS, ensuring resources including facilities are aligned with organizational needs. WGNHS has approximately 30 staff members, and an annual budget of $2.5 million. Staff at the Survey work closely with faculty, staff and students within UWMadison, such as with colleagues within the Department of Geoscience and the Division of Extension, as well as with collaborators at several UW campuses. This role directly supervises administrative and research positions within the Survey and also oversees hiring, managing performance, and ensures reporting expectations are met across the unit.
The Director is expected to foster organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Director is expected to have a strong ability to communicate the need for and impact of the applied research carried out by WGNHS with diverse audiences and organizations, including those in academia, governmental and non-governmental organizations, legislative representatives, county officials, tribal communities, and the public. The Director represents WGNHS, Extension, and the University on various state and national committees, boards, and councils, and serves as Wisconsin's delegate to the Association of American State Geologists (AASG). The Director/State Geologist works actively to maintain and enhance the Survey's reputation for objective unbiased, high-quality science, and related public service. The Director/State Geologist also works with the Chair of the UW-Madison Department of Geoscience to identify mutually beneficial collaborative opportunities between Survey and Departmental students, faculty, and staff.
Administrative leadership and vision:
- Provide strategic and operational direction for the faculty and staff of WGNHS.
- Advocate for and provide primary guidance and support to the faculty and staff of WGNHS.
- Provide leadership for staff recruitment, diversity, inclusion, compensation and professional development practices to support a welcoming and positive workplace, and enhance organizational capacity and effectiveness.
- Communicate regularly about budgetary, scientific, and professional issues with WGNHS faculty and staff.
- Implement mechanisms for regular faculty and staff feedback and engagement on these issues.
- Ensure compliance and reporting to all funding sources and the University.
Represents the WGNHS to fulfill its mission:
- Serve as delegate to the AASG and serve on the State of Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council.
- Carry out responsibilities specified under Wisconsin State Statutes.
- Summarize and present WGNHS research and data to various stakeholders, including the general public, local and state agencies, and national committees.
- Interact regularly with the university community and its stakeholders, all levels of government, the private sector, and the public.
- Support the Division of Extension mission and outreach efforts.
- Work with the Department of Geoscience and chair, faculty and staff to facilitate collaboration. Guide WGNHS research and publications
- Maintain an awareness of trends in geoscience research, funding agency priorities, and technology to facilitate funding opportunities for WGNHS faculty and staff.
- Establish and maintain partnerships across the Division of Extension, UW-Madison and UW System institutions to foster collaboration.
- Ensure editorial integrity in WGNHS publication.
Oversee other institutional obligations of WGNHS:
- Ensure that programs meet federal, state and other institutional requirements.
- Support UW-Madison and the Extension Dean with their communications when appropriate or requested by elected officials and state and federal administrative staff to help inform decisions around federal and state government support for work that is or could be carried out by WGNHS.
-Ph.D or other terminal degree in Geology or closely related field
- At least 5 years administrative experience coordinating scholarship/research in geosciences in an academic, laboratory, center/institute, government agency, or corporate environment;
- Demonstrated success in supervising and leading a team of scientists and/or professionals and building a positive and inclusive workplace culture;
- Demonstrated ability to secure and manage diverse funding streams; - Evidence of effective communication skills including demonstrated ability to engage diverse audiences;
- Experience developing and maintaining effective interagency and collaborative partnerships, and serving as a skilled liaison between and among diverse groups, with the ability to engage in successful negotiation, collaboration, conflict resolution and relationship building; and
- Evidence of the ability to effectively work with people from different cultural backgrounds, including those associated with race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, socioeconomic status, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and other aspects of human diversity.


Preferred Qualifications
- Knowledge and demonstrated understanding of the mission and impact of state geological surveys;
- Demonstrated familiarity with the geology and landscapes of Wisconsin and/or the geology of the Upper Midwest or Great Lakes Region of the United States;
- Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing a strategic plan and leadership vision for a unit or organization, and evaluating a unit's impact and success; and
- Experience developing successful partnerships and collaborations with historically underrepresented groups and organizations, and carrying out culturally relevant work as accomplished through these partnerships.
Please submit a resume/CV and cover letter outlining relevant qualifications and experience in the following areas:
1. Organizational leadership
2. Personnel management
3. Relationship and partnership building
4. Budgeting and fund development
5. Experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and how these experiences reflect your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
Please keep in mind, applicants need to articulate all required and preferred qualifications in their cover letter and/or CV/resume. The application reviewers will be relying on written application materials to determine who may advance to preliminary interviews.
Contact Ken Genskow